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April 2020

Friday, April 10th


  Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.-Julia Child Friday: (This one courtesy of Jon) For Time With Rest: 21-15-9 SA OH squats (DB or KB or OO) HSPU/HR push ups REST 2 min 21-15-9 jumping lunges (R and L = 1) SA push press (DB or KB or OO) REST 2 [...]

Friday, April 10th2020-04-09T21:25:17+00:00

Thursday, April 9th


We are going to have peace even if we have to fight for it. -Dwight D. Eisenhower 4 Rounds For Time: 200m (ish) run/row/bike 20 Single Arm Clean and Jerk (DB/KB or Odd object) 20 Hollow rocks 20 supermans

Thursday, April 9th2020-04-08T20:41:09+00:00

Wednesday, April 8th


Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?' -Martin Luther King, Jr. A.) 2 Rounds NOT for Time: 20 Airplanes (10 internal rotation and 10 external rotation, each leg) 10 SL bridges with a 5 sec hold, each leg 10 fire hydrants each leg 10 donkey kicks each leg **Check-out [...]

Wednesday, April 8th2020-04-07T21:48:28+00:00

Tuesday, April 7th


AMRAP In 10 Minutes: 2 Single arm thrusters 2 Sit-Ups 4 Single arm thruster 4 Sit-Ups 6 Single arm thruster 6 Sit-Ups 8 Single arm thruster 8 Sit-Ups 10 Single arm thrusters 10 Sit-Ups ***Continue to go by 2 reps till time runs out ***Split the reps up evenly with Single Arm Thrusters ***Use a [...]

Tuesday, April 7th2020-04-06T21:40:23+00:00

Monday, April 5th


  AMRAP in 5 Minutes: 30 jumping Jack's 15 air squats 5 push ups 3 min rest AMRAP in 5 Minutes: 30 Double unders 15 jumping squats 5 burpees 3 min rest AMRAP in 5 Minutes: 30 box jumps or step ups 15 weighted squats (goblet, KB, or odd object) 5 Shoulder to OH (DB, [...]

Monday, April 5th2020-04-05T22:22:47+00:00

Saturday, April 5th


“Support Your Local Box” WOD 1: AMRAP In 10 minutes: 10 Air Squat 9 Dumbbell Snatch, Right Arm 10 Push-Ups 9 Dumbbell Snatch, Left Arm

Saturday, April 5th2020-04-04T04:00:25+00:00

Friday, April 3rd


(With Equipment) For Time: 100 Single Arm DB/KB Clean & Jerk **Every minute perform 5 Burpees **Alternate every 5 Reps (Without Equipment) For Time: 100 Ground to Overhead with an odd object **Every minute perform 5 Burpees

Friday, April 3rd2020-04-02T22:37:58+00:00

Thursday, April 2nd


For time 300 M run* 10 V up 15 Tuck Jump 1 min Plank hold** 1 min Wall sit** 600 M run* 10 V up 15 Tuck Jump 45 Sec Plank hold** 45 Sec Wall sit** 1000 M run* 10 V up 15 Tuck Jump 30 Sec Plank hold** 30 Sec Wall sit** *Sub “jumping [...]

Thursday, April 2nd2020-04-01T21:56:03+00:00

March 2020

Wednesday, April 1st


Learning never exhausts the mind. -Leonardo da Vinci WOD (With Equipment) Every 4 Minutes For 20 Minutes: 50 Double Unders 15 Push-Ups 20 Single Arm Weighted Step-Back Lunges **60 Singles **Push-ups can be done at an angle for scaling and to keep intensity high **No weight for lunges for scaling or step forward   (With [...]

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Tuesday, March 31st


We have all the light we need, we just need to put it in practice. -Albert Pike Tuesday With Equipment 3 rounds for time 10/10 Single arm DL* 20/20 Single Arm OH squat ** 30 Sit ups *Brace core when performing. Try to stay leveled.   **Front rack for scaling option Without Equipment 3 rounds [...]

Tuesday, March 31st2020-03-30T20:48:21+00:00