August 2019

Tuesday, August 13th


WOD A.) "Week 4" Push Press 60%/4 70%/3 80%/2 (90%/2)x3 B.) AMRAP in 8 Minutes: 100m Run 25' Double KB Front Rack Walking Lunge (53/35)

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Monday, August 12th


Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. -William James WOD For Time: 30-20-10 Calorie Bike Toes To Rings Bar Facing Burpee Over Bar OH Squats (95/65)

Monday, August 12th2019-08-11T21:54:25+00:00

Saturday, August 10th


Reminder: Saturday, August 17th, 8am #RoadRunnerSports is hosting a special fundraiser to promote our upcoming event, #ABCHopes Row-a-thon. @tommypease will be coaching a #Free morning WOD at there location, so please come out and bring a friend! Show some support!    Teams of 2 for time: 8 rds each 5 DL (225/155) 7/5 CAL 24 [...]

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Friday, August 9th


WOD A.) "Week 3" Snatch  Week 3: 60%/3 70%/3 80%/2 85%/2 (90%/2)x3 B.) "Mary " AMRAP in 20 Minutes: 5 HSPU's  10 Pistol's  15 Pull-Ups 

Friday, August 9th2019-08-08T21:59:07+00:00

Wednesday, August 7th


The reward of suffering is experience. -Harry S Truman For Time: 200m Farmers Carry (53/35) 400m Run With Barbell (45/35) 800m Run With Med Ball (30/20) 1600m Run With Weighted Vest (20/15)

Wednesday, August 7th2019-08-06T21:09:06+00:00

Tuesday, August 6th


  WOD A.) "Week 3" Push Press  60%/4 70%/3 80%/2 (85%/2)x2 (90%/1)x2   B.) "Seconds Cut" For Time: 800m Row  66 KB Push Jerk (35/26) 132' Hand Stand Walk  **15 minute time cap

Tuesday, August 6th2019-08-05T22:15:21+00:00

Saturday, August 3rd


Meet Coach Kenny, coming to a Trifecta class soon! WOD Teams of 3 For Time: 2 Rounds: 30 10m Shuttle Sprints  30 Hang Squat Cleans (95/65) 30 Burpee Box Jump Over (24/20") 30 Thrusters (95/65) Then 125/100 Calorie Bike  2 Rounds: 30 10m Shuttle Sprints  30 Hang Squat Cleans (115/75) 30 Burpee Box Jump Over (24/20") [...]

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Friday 2nd, August


WOD A.) Snatch Week 2: 60%/3 70%/3 80%/3 (85%/2)x4 B.) AMRAP in 7 Minutes: 1 Power Snatch (115/75) 1 Bar Muscle Up  2 Power Snatch  2 Bar Muscle Up  3 Power Snatch  3 Bar Muscle Up 4 Power Snatch  4 Bar Muscle Up  and so on... till time expires 

Friday 2nd, August2019-08-02T07:44:00+00:00

July 2019

Thursday, August 1st


Thank you Amanda for bringing your great energy to our box. Good luck to all the great adventures you are about to experience. -Trifecta Tribe WOD 5 Rounds For Time: 10 Honest Push-Ups (HR) 20 Air Squats  30 Sit-Ups   400m Run 

Thursday, August 1st2019-07-31T21:19:08+00:00