Steffan Beach

Steffan Beach



Steffan, began his CrossFit journey in 2011. After some years of study and practice under the watchful eye of a Master Coach, he opted to take the challenge to pursue a path of becoming a trainer. The philosophy which surrounds the CrossFit community was something he couldn’t resist sharing. It is an experience that has uplifted the lives of millions around the globe. A phenomenon that transcends all borders and brings us together unlike anything before it. For him, CrossFit is not simply a fitness program; it’s a culture that promotes a belief of striving to be better at all things. As a trainer, his ambition is to build personal relationships, learn about the goals of the individual, and help guide them with the knowledge and experience he’s gained along the way. He is proud and humbled to be a part of the Trifecta tribe.

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