“My name is Michael Dominick and I’m 27 years old. I’m currently a full time student finishing my Biology degree. Going into 2012 I knew that  I needed a change. My diet was terrible and physical appearance was even worse. A friend of mine had told me about Crossfit Trifecta (CFT) opening up in the area and that it was being run by one of my favorite crossfitters Tommy Pease. In January (2012) I signed up and I couldn’t even RX 3/4th’s of the WOD’s. Shortly after signing up I started the Paleo diet. At first it was a big adjustment and was difficult, but it was worth it. After a few weeks of being on a strict Paleo diet, I started noticing significant gains in strength and a huge drop in weight. Fast forward 6 months from when I started at CFT and I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m able to RX all the WOD’s and I’m still gaining strength on a daily basis. I enjoy going to CFT because the staff will challenge you and motivate you to perform at your best. They make the WOD’s fun and the other members at the box have made my experience all that much more enjoyable. Thanks CFT for getting me back on track and showing me the true definition of  being fit!”
– Mike D

post2 “My name is Kaitlyn Porter. I am 22 years old. All throughout high school I never had to worry about what I ate because I was constantly playing a sport. When one season ended, I was at the next sport the following day! Never stopping and always going. I even played basketball my first year of college having more than half of my classes consist of weightlifting and practicing.

Once I decided I wanted to pursue my dream career instead, I then decided to go to court reporting school. Nothing against being a court reporter, but at court reporting school, I slowly became lethargic, unhappy, and unhealthy. Just like some people have an alcohol or a smoking addiction, I had that addiction with food. When I was stressed, which was all the time, I just wanted to eat. It was, and always will be, a serious problem for me. I just went in this big circle of hating my appearance and stressing on how I looked, which caused me to want to eat even more. Looking back now, I realize it was such a sick pattern. I would even go as low as finding diets online saying “Lose ten pounds in two weeks!” I must have spent hundreds of dollars trying to find a pill or a drop that would solve all my problems. Heck, maybe I could lose ten pounds in two weeks eating 400 calories a day, but what didn’t occur to me was after those weeks are over and you stuff your face with the food you have been avoiding for so long, that weight is going to come back faster than you can blink. I was so retarded thinking that those things actually would work for me.
After I started CrossFit, I realized how to transfer that stress and addiction at the gym. I learned that eating healthy is what is most important. It helps you mentally, physically, and even emotionally. I eat probably just as much as I did before, but instead I am eating veggies and meats. The first two months of CrossFit I would weigh myself and would get discouraged because the scale was going in the wrong direction. But little did I know, it was really going in the right one.  My fat was turning into muscle, and I was becoming more strong and fit than I have ever been in my life. I think what is most important is not what you do in the gym but what you do outside the gym. Eating healthy is what is going to make you see results for your appearance and gains in the gym as well!

I think a comment I hear the most about CrossFit is “It’s just too expensive. I can’t afford it right now.” Well, I don’t know about you, but I can’t put a price tag on the way I feel now compared to what I felt before starting. To me, that’s just a poor, poor excuse of being lazy.

Recently I went to lunch with a colleague who sort of made a judgment about one of my Facebook posts. The post read: “When I first moved to San Diego, I was at my heaviest weight fitting into a size 13. I am now wearing a size 6!!! Such an awesome feeling.” His assumption about that post is so far away of what that post really was for me. He assumed I was doing CrossFit just to get thinner, and that being thin was the only thing I cared about. I then explained to him the two main reasons why I love it.

First, I love my 5:00 a.m. crew. I love sharing that pain of getting up that early and conquering a WOD with them.  I love surrounding myself by a community of people who support you, don’t judge you, and will be just as proud of the person that finishes last than the person who finished first.

Second, I love the feeling of actually being healthy. I watched CrossFit changed the lives of the ones I love and of myself. It’s really not about the size to me. It’s about being healthy vs unhealthy.

Thanks again, Crossfit Trifecta, for changing my life for the better! I may not be where I want to be, but I am proud of how far I have come.
WOD on, my fellow Trifectans!”
– Kaitlyn P

post2 “My name is Sarah Noe and I’m a few months away from turning 35 years old. A couple years after having my son I decide it was time for me to get back in shape and take care of myself so that I could take care of him. I had tried CrossFit prior to getting pregnant with my son but only for a few months, so I knew that I’d like the workouts but was looking for that right Box to join. I did some searching online and found that Crossfit Trifecta was a mile from my house and from work. I went in to talk to the coaches and check out the atmosphere, already knowing that I wanted to sign up, but had to make sure they were the right fit for me. Needless to say, here I am a year later. I couldn’t do any of it when I first started and there are still many WOD’s that I am unable to RX but now with each day I workout I get stronger and better. In January 2014, I joined the nutrition challenge that the box was having and tried the Paleo diet and had some great results. I still have a long way to go to get where I want to be, but I know I can do it. Crossfit Trifecta has changed the way I look and feel. The Coaches at Crossfit Trifecta are great; they are constantly challenging and pushing me to get better. The athletes at this box are amazing and very supportive. I’m so grateful for the Coaches and Athletes at Crossfit Trifecta, they are the reason that I keep going back each day. Everyone talks about the Crossfit community being a family but I didn’t see that until I joined Crossfit Trifecta. This group really is a family and I’m so glad that I am part of it. To everyone at Crossfit Trifecta, Thank you for everything!!”
– Sarah N

post2 “Before discovering CrossFit and finding CrossFit Trifecta I thought I was in “decent” shape, I ran a few half marathons and worked out in the regular gym every now and then. I knew I was always a leaner guy, but it wasn’t till starting at CrossFit Trifecta and lifting real weight that I realized what I was missing.  My girlfriend started CrossFit before me and fell in love with it and was trying to convince me to try it out. My first experience at Trifecta was many months before I actually signed up.During the 2012 CrossFit Open I came in one evening to see what it was all about, 12.1 – 7 minutes of burpees! I hadn’t experienced anything like that before; the level of support for one another was special, I wanted to be apart of it.  My girlfriend was very supportive and left subtle hints that she wanted me to… like buying me my first months membership. I decided to finally give it a shot, starting at Trifecta in June 2012 at a whopping 135 lbs. I can proudly say that after a year of being at Trifecta I have gained 20 lbs. Aside from the strength and confidence I have gained from Trifecta, I have gained lifelong friendships and have become a part of an amazing community. The coaches at Trifecta are a wealth of knowledge and want nothing more than to see each athlete succeed. The coaches and the camaraderie keep me coming back day after.”
– Dylan B

post2 “My name is Laurel England and I am 25 years old. I work in guest services at a Hilton resort. My whole life I have been a competitive athlete, including being a Division I volleyball player for FGCU. I never had to worry laurel eabout what I ate or working out on my own, as everything was always structured for me. Between daily 5am conditioning, a 2 hour practice or game, plus weightlifting needless to say I was in pretty decent shape and could literally eat whatever I wanted burning all those calories. I never appreciated what a blessing that was until I graduated. I took about a year off of exercising to let my body ((and mind)) heal from the injuries from D1 sports. The first six months I was able to keep the weight off, but slowly my muscles turned to fat. I was that dreaded “skinny fat”. I had lost the motivation to get back into shape and knew I needed an ass kicker to jump-start a new life. I tried running and some LA fitness but really missed the team environment I was used to my whole life. A week after I moved to Southern California I googled ‘CrossFit’ which was recommended by a former teammate who thought it would be a good fit for me. Lucky me, less than a mile down the road stood CrossFit Trifecta. After attending a Saturday class, my search for a CrossFit home immediately ended. I started Trifecta in August 2012. The warm, welcoming atmosphere that I received by all was overwhelming with support. I worked really hard and started seeing results after the first two weeks. It was a struggle at first as I had lost all my endurance, but I was amazed how fast my body responded. I have not only made some forever friends, but my body and my mind are at the top of their game as if I was still a D1 athlete, or better. Not only did my physical appearance change, but after being introduced to Paleo after a month into CrossFit, I am now much healthier, I sleep better, I have more energy, and my overall quality of life has improved. The coaches at CrossFit Trifecta truly push you to be the best athlete you can be. I am forever grateful for the daily push and encouragement I receive from them. I encourage anyone who sees this to come in and drink the Kool-aid. I promise it will change your life more than you would have imagined!”
– Laurel E

post2 “My name is Jessica and I am 23 years old. Before Crossfit my physical level was running once every full moon, surviving on a strict diet of pizza and beer, and of course complaining about not seeing any change.  When I first started hearing about Crossfit I thought those people were crazy, I had visions of the high school weight room and avoiding such places out of intimidation and. Around mid-November, about one year into my Crossfit journey I hit a personal frustration. On one side I felt like I was working my butt off and I was seeing some progress but nowhere near where I would have thought to have been a year in. I debated giving it up and trying something different.But I liked the sense of community I was getting at Trifecta and nothing else had encouraged me to actually get off my butt and do something like Crossfit had. I took a long hard look at what I was doing and decided I was making excuses. Could I be going 5 days a week? Yes. Was I? No. Could I be eating healthier? Yes, but mac and cheese is so good. I don’t know what clicked in me but something said stop blaming everything else and just dedicate yourself to do. New Year’s Eve I RX’d my first work out. The progress I have seen in the last few months makes me want to kick myself for not throwing myself fully into this when I first started. Dedicating myself to 5 days a week and healthy eating has changed so many other aspects of my life, I feel stronger, I sleep better, my anxiety levels are down, and overall I just feel happier with my life and myself. I have also developed a bad habit of continuously telling my roommate how awesome I think my butt looks I can’t begin to express how great the community at Trifecta is. It really is the people who make Crossfit as great as it is. I am so appreciative to have such a great support group who have continued to push me, and encourage me.”
– Jessica F

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