Dylan B

"Amazing community"

Dylan B

“Before discovering CrossFit and finding CrossFit Trifecta I thought I was in “decent” shape, I ran a few half marathons and worked out in the regular gym every now and then. I knew I was always a leaner guy, but it wasn’t till starting at CrossFit Trifecta and lifting real weight that I realized what I was missing.  My girlfriend started CrossFit before me and fell in love with it and was trying to convince me to try it out. My first experience at Trifecta was many months before I actually signed up.During the 2012 CrossFit Open I came in one evening to see what it was all about, 12.1 – 7 minutes of burpees! I hadn’t experienced anything like that before; the level of support for one another was special, I wanted to be apart of it.  My girlfriend was very supportive and left subtle hints that she wanted me to… like buying me my first months membership. I decided to finally give it a shot, starting at Trifecta in June 2012 at a whopping 135 lbs. I can proudly say that after a year of being at Trifecta I have gained 20 lbs. Aside from the strength and confidence I have gained from Trifecta, I have gained lifelong friendships and have become a part of an amazing community. The coaches at Trifecta are a wealth of knowledge and want nothing more than to see each athlete succeed. The coaches and the camaraderie keep me coming back day after.”

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