Kaitlyn Porter

"WOD on, my fellow Trifectan!"

Kaitlyn Porter

“My name is Kaitlyn Porter. I am 22 years old. All throughout high school I never had to worry about what I ate because I was constantly playing a sport. When one season ended, I was at the next sport the following day! Never stopping and always going. I even played basketball my first year of college having more than half of my classes consist of weightlifting and practicing.

Once I decided I wanted to pursue my dream career instead, I then decided to go to court reporting school. Nothing against being a court reporter, but at court reporting school, I slowly became lethargic, unhappy, and unhealthy. Just like some people have an alcohol or a smoking addiction, I had that addiction with food. When I was stressed, which was all the time, I just wanted to eat. It was, and always will be, a serious problem for me. I just went in this big circle of hating my appearance and stressing on how I looked, which caused me to want to eat even more. Looking back now, I realize it was such a sick pattern. I would even go as low as finding diets online saying “Lose ten pounds in two weeks!” I must have spent hundreds of dollars trying to find a pill or a drop that would solve all my problems. Heck, maybe I could lose ten pounds in two weeks eating 400 calories a day, but what didn’t occur to me was after those weeks are over and you stuff your face with the food you have been avoiding for so long, that weight is going to come back faster than you can blink. I was so retarded thinking that those things actually would work for me.
After I started CrossFit, I realized how to transfer that stress and addiction at the gym. I learned that eating healthy is what is most important. It helps you mentally, physically, and even emotionally. I eat probably just as much as I did before, but instead I am eating veggies and meats. The first two months of CrossFit I would weigh myself and would get discouraged because the scale was going in the wrong direction. But little did I know, it was really going in the right one.  My fat was turning into muscle, and I was becoming more strong and fit than I have ever been in my life. I think what is most important is not what you do in the gym but what you do outside the gym. Eating healthy is what is going to make you see results for your appearance and gains in the gym as well!

I think a comment I hear the most about CrossFit is “It’s just too expensive. I can’t afford it right now.” Well, I don’t know about you, but I can’t put a price tag on the way I feel now compared to what I felt before starting. To me, that’s just a poor, poor excuse of being lazy.

Recently I went to lunch with a colleague who sort of made a judgment about one of my Facebook posts. The post read: “When I first moved to San Diego, I was at my heaviest weight fitting into a size 13. I am now wearing a size 6!!! Such an awesome feeling.” His assumption about that post is so far away of what that post really was for me. He assumed I was doing CrossFit just to get thinner, and that being thin was the only thing I cared about. I then explained to him the two main reasons why I love it.

First, I love my 5:00 a.m. crew. I love sharing that pain of getting up that early and conquering a WOD with them.  I love surrounding myself by a community of people who support you, don’t judge you, and will be just as proud of the person that finishes last than the person who finished first.

Second, I love the feeling of actually being healthy. I watched CrossFit changed the lives of the ones I love and of myself. It’s really not about the size to me. It’s about being healthy vs unhealthy.

Thanks again, Crossfit Trifecta, for changing my life for the better! I may not be where I want to be, but I am proud of how far I have come.

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