Please look to our Tribe Facebook page for the warm up and breakdown of the workout. We will be setting up better links for those that don’t have access to Facebook.
(With Equipment)
4 Sets of 6 Turkish Get-Ups (3 on each Side)
(With 1 DB or 1 KB)
10 Rounds For Time:
8 Alternating Power Clean and Jerk
6 Goblet Squat
4 Burpee Jump over DB/KB
**If you are using a DB then alternate every rep for Clean and jerk. Alternate every 4 reps if your using a KB
(With No Equipment)
3 Rounds For Time:
50 Air Squat
1:00 Minute Plank Hold
40 Sit-Ups
:50 Second Plank Hold
30 Burpees
:40 Second Plank Hold
20 Push-Ups
:30 Second Plank Hold
**Rest 2 Minutes After each Round 
**Scale the time on plank hold if needed
**Scale the number of Burpees if needed 
**Scale Push-Ups to Knee Push-Ups